Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 1

Kerry Farm, Saturday 14 June, 2014

I had never been on a holiday before and I was very excited. I wasn’t really sure what it would be like.

Gandad was all stressed out. He always gets like that before we go on a long trip somewhere. He did tell me why once, but when we set off he always calms down. I think its funny really and Nanny Sue likes to wind him up about it.

Mind you, Gandad did want to leave at one o’clock, but it was just before three o’clock before we left; or so Luke, my Personal Assistant friend told me.

We set off in my van for somewhere called Kerry Farm, which Gandad said is near to a place called Kerry. I think thats very strange, because my sister is called Kerry too and I wonder if it is really her farm! Gandad said that the kind people from the Papworth Trust had opened Kerry Farm so families with disabled children like me can have holidays.

It was a bit hot in the van driving to the farm and we got there eventually at about 6 o’clock. I was glad when we saw the sign at the end of the drive. We’d got there at last.

The entrance to Kerry Farm

The entrance to Kerry Farm

Kerry Farm is a lovely place. A man called Tyler was there to meet us when we drove round into the yard at the back of the farmhouse. He made us feel very welcome and showed us to where we are staying. We were in a place called Garden Cottage and it was so nice and comfortable. There was a big sitting room with a kitchen and a bedroom for me downstairs with a big wetroom attached to it.

Nanny Sue and Gandad had a bedroom upstairs and Luke had got one up there too. I don’t know what they were like because I couldn’t go upstairs, but Nanny Sue said they were nice rooms with something called ‘en-suite’ showers and toilets.

There are lovely old wooden beams all over Garden Cottage and the old bricks give it a warm, snug feeling which is very relaxing. There is a nice sensory garden just outside the french windows with a small pond in it. There always seem to be some chickens in there, pecking away at the ground or sitting under the shade of one of the trees.

Chickens in the shade at Kerry Farm

Chickens in the shade at Kerry Farm

We had some tea and went for another little look around the farm before I came back to the cottage and watched a bit of telly before I went to bed. It was a bit strange in my bedroom and my bed had no sides on it. Nanny Sue was very scared I might fall out in the night. But I didn’t. I’m not that daft!

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