Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 2

Kerry Farm, Day Two – Sunday 15th June, 2014

At about 10 o’clock, Luke and Nanny Sue got me up and ready after a nice long lie-in. Tyler had said he was going to make us all some breakfast in the farmhouse at 11.

We didn’t wait for Gandad and went over to the farmhouse to find massive piles of bacon, eggs, sausages – my favourites – beans and toast! There was tea and coffee too. The family staying in the cottage next to ours: Thomas with his Mum and Nan, were there as well and we all ate, talked and laughed together.

Tyler who is a family coach, told us all about Kerry Farm and the things we could do during the week if we wanted. It all sounded exciting to me.

After Gandad had come in and scoffed every bit of food and coffee that was left, Nanny Sue helped Thomas’ Mum and Nan wash up the plates. Then we went back to our cottage and sat outside in the garden.

After a while, Luke asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the farm, so I gave him the ‘thumbs up’, which is how I talk.

I wanted to see the animals first so off we went to find them. They weren’t far away, just through a big gate and down a stone path. I couldn’t see the pigs very well because they were sitting at the far end of their field. The goats were very friendly though and they came over to see me. I liked it when they pushed their heads through the fence and were sniffing me. Nanny Sue said they don’t eat people, just grass and vegetables, but I did get nibbled a bit which was tickly!

Goats at Kerry Farm

Goats at Kerry Farm

There were quite a lot of sheep in their field. A lot of them were brown and looked hot in the sunshine. There was a big white sheep with a black and white face and it looked like it was the boss sheep to me. Nanny said it was called a ‘badger face’.

The sheep all had horns, a bit like the goats, but the sheeps’ horns were more curly than the goats’ horns and didn’t stick up as much. The goats were more friendly than the sheep I think.

Later on, I sat in the garden with Luke. Nanny Sue went to look for Gandad. She said he had gone to take lots of photographs around the farm for the people who own it. She wanted to make sure he was alright because he has got a very poorly leg and can’t always breathe properly

I liked sitting and watching all the chickens and ducks. They are funny things and make lots of noise. It sometimes sounds like the chickens are laughing at something. The chickens at Kerry Farm are all sorts of shapes and sizes with lots of different coloured feathers.

When Nanny Sue came back, she said Gandad was fine and he had had some of his medicine to stop his leg hurting and had gone to lie down for a while. So we went off for another walk.

This time we looked at the giant polytunnel where lots of vegetables grow. We grow vegetables in our polytunnel at school and Nanny Sue has got one as well. The polytunnel at Kerry Farm is really big, and you can eat the vegetables they grow. Some they eat raw and some they cook to have with dinner.

We walked around the lakes and spent a long time watching the funny little blue damselflies flying around the lakes. There were hundreds of them and they fly very fast. Sometimes it looks like they just stop in the air. They are lovely things and look like they will break easily.

Gandad was sitting in a chair outside the polytunnel when we walked past the other side of the lake. Nanny Sue told him about the damselflies and asked him to take a picture of one for us. Here it is…

A damselfly sitting on a leaf at Kerry Farm

A damselfly sitting on a leaf at Kerry Farm

Then we went back to our cottage and had some dinner. I lay down and watched the telly with Luke for a while before I had a wash and went to bed. I was very tired!

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