Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 3

Kerry Farm, Day Three – Monday 16th June, 2014

I had another lie-in today! After breakfast we waited for a while to see Tyler again and then we went out to go and look at the chickens and ducks.

I liked seeing the eggs in the chickens’ house and Luke helped me do some cleaning for them. The eggs got taken in to the kitchen and I thought somebody said they will make cakes with them. The ducks are quiet. The chickens are the most noisy and the cockerels are the noisiest of them all. Gandad came and watched us and took some more pictures.

There was a big shed and in there was a mother hen and her little baby chicks living in a small cage. Robyn who works at Kerry Farm brought them out for us to see and we all stroked a chick. He said they could live outside when they got a bit older.

Me stroking a tiny chick

Me stroking a tiny chick

Then Tyler took us to see the other animals again and we took some food with us so we could feed them. I think the pigs are funny when they eat because they make lots of noise!

While I was doing this with Thomas, my new friend, and the other grown-ups, Nanny Sue had gone to the polytunnel where she was doing some work. She was digging and pulling out old plants. I think she took some lettuces and beetroot for the kitchen and we had some with our dinner later on.

In the afternoon we all went out for a walk. I had to go in my van with Luke because there wasn’t room for my wheelchair in Kerry Farm’s minibus. Thomas’ Nan came in my van too: she couldn’t get in the minibus and my van was easier for her. That was good, because she didn’t have to miss out on the walk.

I don’t know where we went but it was very nice and everybody enjoyed themselves. When we came back, Emily and her mum and dad had arrived at last.

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