Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 4

Kerry Farm, Day Four – Tuesday 17th June, 2014

I got up earlier today so I could go and help to give the animals some breakfast. The ducks and chickens ran all around us. They ate seeds. Later, Gandad told me that people make bread, cakes and things like cornflakes, weetabix, porridge and other cereals out of the same sorts of seeds.

After that, we all went to the farmhouse to do some painting with Deb. I like painting best when nobody is watching me, but Luke helped me to paint some things. The grown-ups were having lots of fun and Nanny Sue painted some lovely flowers. She said she will try more painting when she goes home. I hope she does.

There was a surprise in the kitchen when we stopped for a break and to have a cup of tea. Thomas’ Mum had baked some cakes and she might have used the eggs we collected from the chickens yesterday. There was a lovely big cream sponge cake and a lemon cake. I liked the cream cake best and so did Emily. Even Gandad tasted some so it must have been good because he never eats cakes at home!

When we’d finished painting, we went back to Garden Cottage for some lunch. But I didn’t really feel very hungry!

Milk from these cows makes lovely ice cream

Milk from these cows makes lovely ice cream

Every day seemed to have lots of things to do and the best thing today was going to see another farm where we all got ice creams. There were cows there too which I liked a lot. I think cows are nice animals and the milk they make on that farm is used to make the ice cream which was very nice. It was too hot to take some back to Kerry Farm for Nanny Sue so she didn’t get any.

Guess why Nanny Sue didn’t go with us for an ice cream? She was doing things in the polytunnel again!

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