Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 5

Kerry Farm, Day Five – Wednesday 18th June, 2014

Luke took me out early again to feed the animals. It was better today because I think they had got used to my wheelchair. A lot of the ducks were swimming on the lake when we went out but they soon came running over to get their breakfast.

When we had finished that, I went and sat in the garden for a while. Nanny Sue was doing something in the garden and it wasn’t digging. She had done some washing and was hanging it on the fence around the little pond outside our cottage! Thomas’ Mum hung some out there as well. Maybe they will put a washing line somewhere one day?

Our washing hung out to dry at Kerry Farm

Our washing hung out to dry at Kerry Farm

Then it was time to get the goats and take them for a walk. I was looking forward to doing that. I wondered if it would be like when I take Woody my chocolate labrador dog walking at home?

It was great! Luke and Robyn, who works at Kerry Farm helped me and I wasn’t scared at all. The goats are bigger than Woody but not as fat. I took the brown goat for a walk and Nanny Sue took the white one with Deb. Robyn said the goats are called ‘Nanny’ goats! I think that maybe why goats are Nanny Sue’s favourite animals.

Walking the goats at Kerry Farm

Walking the goats at Kerry Farm

In the afternoon, Luke took me out in my van to somewhere called the Ridgeway. It was a path along the top of the hills and had lots of interesting things to look at and more nice views. There were hundreds of sheep there and Luke said he’d never seen so many sheep together in one place before!

Nanny Sue went for a walk somewhere else with Deb, who works at Kerry Farm. I don’t know where they went but Nanny said she had a nice time and enjoyed talking with Deb. When she came back, Nanny Sue went to do some more work on the corner of the sensory garden where she was making a paved bit in front of the wood seats.

I didn’t see Gandad so I expect he had gone to lie down again to stop his bad leg getting too fat! Nanny Sue says he always falls asleep in five minutes when he lies down.

There was a film to watch after tea, but I was a bit tired so Luke brought me back to Garden Cottage so I could lie down before I went to bed. Today had been another great day at Kerry Farm.

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