Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 6

Kerry Farm, Day Six – Thursday 19th June, 2014

As usual now, Luke and I went out early to feed the animals. It was another nice sunny day and Thomas was helping too. I wonder if the chickens and ducks think we are going to feed them every time they see us?

Gandad was talking about how he likes roast chicken and roast duck which wasn’t very nice. He thought he was being funny though. I’m glad the ducks and chickens couldn’t understand him! I think one of the cockerels didn’t like Gandad very much because it always ran at him making lots of noise. I thought that was very funny!

Thomas, Luke and me feeding the chickens

Thomas, Luke and me feeding the chickens

Then we went to the polytunnel and had a look to see how the vegetables were.They looked like they were growing ok and I knew Nanny Sue and Gandad had had fun watering the plants with the sprinklers last night. They said it was like sitting in a nice rain shower without getting wet. I liked the feel of the earth in the beds where the vegetables grow. Deb picked some little courgettes that she was going to cook for the barbecue we were going to have later.

Luke and I went to get some lunch then. I had a sandwich and a cup of tea and then went outside to sit and snooze in the garden. Nanny Sue was still working on her paving and it was starting to look very good! I think Emily and Thomas and everyone else were in the farmhouse kitchen making food for the barbecue. But Gandad wasn’t. He was having his afternoon lie-down!

Did I tell you that Luke went for a run every evening? Well, he did! Today he went running early so he could get back in time for the barbecue. He was a bit late though.

Gandad, Nanny Sue and me went out at 6 o’clock and the barbecue was just being lit by Emily’s dad. Deb and Thomas’ Mum and Nan were bringing loads of food out from the farmhouse. There was burgers, sausages, quiche, vegetables, salads, bread rolls and lots more.

Emily's dad cooking on the barbecue

Emily’s dad cooking on the barbecue

When the barbecue was hot, Emily’s dad finished cooking the sausages and burgers and we all ate loads. It was very nice. It was a bit sad that Gandad breathed some of the smoke and it hurt him so he had to go indoors. I think he was quite upset because he’d been telling me how great the barbecue would be. But all the rest of us enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Gandad did eat lots of food from the barbecue though. Nanny Sue brought plates of food back to Garden Cottage for him, and I had some more too!

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