Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 7

Kerry Farm, Day Seven – Friday 20th June 2014

Today I was a bit sad after Luke and I went to feed the animals, because Luke had to go home. I didn’t want him to go but he had to collect his twin girls from school in the afternoon because they were going to stay with him for the weekend. We all said goodbye and he drove off in Gandad’s car.

Then I went to see Deb and Tyler making a little pen so they could bring the baby chicks and their mum out of the big shed. They let me touch one of the chicks again. I don’t know if it was the same one I saw a few days ago, but it was still fluffy and tickled. But it was a bit bigger. Tyler said that baby animals grow quite fast because they soon have to look after themselves. I think they were very happy to come outside and all the other chickens came to see them too.

Me stroking the baby chicken

Me stroking the baby chicken

Nanny Sue wanted to go to see a garden that Deb and Natalie – the boss – had told her about. So after some lunch we set off in my van to go there. It wasn’t very far away, near a place called Welshpool.

A nice lady said we could go in for free, so I went in the garden with Gandad while Nanny Sue went to explore a bit on her own. There were some paths there that were too steep for my wheelchair and I don’t know if Gandad could go down them either. Even with his oxygen tank he still gets puffed out.

We had a nice time and there were lots of different coloured trees and bushes to see with lttle paths going between them. It was very hot there in the garden, but we could sit in the shade under the trees if we wanted to

When Nanny Sue found us later, Gandad and me went and waited by my van while she went to choose some plants to take home. The lady at the garden said that someone from Kerry Farm had rung them up to tell them that Nanny Sue could have a special voucher to buy some plants to say ‘thank you’ for her work in the garden at the farm. That was very kind of them and made Nanny Sue very happy.

The garden we visited was very nice

The garden we visited was very nice

We got back to Kerry Farm in time for tea. Gandad stayed in with me and Nanny went back out to finish her work in the sensory garden. Then we went out for a while to see what she had done. She had planted lots of tiny herbs and flowers which she said will grow over the paving stones and hide them a little bit. I think the people at Kerry Farm can use the herbs for making their food taste nice. That will be good for them!

When Nanny Sue finished and came back into our cottage, she started packing up all our things because we had to go home on Saturday. She said she wanted to stay there at Kerry Farm really and would be happy to live in the polytunnel. She’s funny like that.

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