Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 8

Kerry Farm, Day Eight – Saturday 21st June, 2014

This morning was strange because Luke wasn’t there, but Nanny gave me my breakfast and got me washed and dressed. I decided not to mess her about today because it was sad that we had to go home.

Thomas and his Mum, Dad and Nan came to say goodbye to us before they left. They told us that Emily had been sick so she had gone home very early while we were still in bed. That was sad.

Gandad and Nanny Sue took all our bags out to my van and put some of them inside. Then I got in and they packed lots more bags and loads of plants around me. It was like they made a wall around me! But I had enough space and could put my feet up on some pillows on top of a suitcase which was comfy.

Natalie, Kerry Farm’s manager came to say goodbye. She asked Nanny Sue if she would like to go back when she can to be a volunteer and help with the gardening and in the polytunnel. She said they all loved Nanny’s bit of the garden!

Chickens inspecting Nanny Sue's work in the garden

Chickens inspecting Nanny Sue’s work in the garden

Nanny was very happy about that and said that when Gandad goes to see old Nanny Norah, his Mum, he can bring her because he passes through a town about 5 miles away from the farm. If he does that, Nanny Sue can stay at Kerry Farm for nearly two days to help them.

Then we left Kerry Farm and Gandad drove us home. It was another nice sunny day and he didn’t drive very fast.

When we got home in the afternoon, we were all happy to be back, but still sad to have left Kerry Farm behind.

Later on, I was sitting outside talking to Gandad. He asked if I’d had a nice time on my first holiday. I gave him a big ‘thumbs-up’ and a massive grin. Gandad asked me if I missed being at Kerry Farm, and if I missed anything now we were home.

So I decided to say something…


I’ll let you work out what I said.

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