An Irish Sunset

When Mrs R [who is in this photo], and I got married, we couldn’t go away on a honeymoon as you do, because we couldn’t get Warren looked after. But we managed in the end and went over to Ireland for about 9 days, which was great.

The cottage, over on the Renvyle Peninsular in Galway, was lovely and had a view across the bay to die for. Within hours of arriving, Mrs R was delighted to spot some dolphins swimming past along the coastline.

We became regular tourists for a week, as I showed her some of the places I know from previous trips, and, of course, my Canon EOS 10D bodies [now replaced!], were used a lot! Having two cameras proved as invaluable then as other times, as I didn’t have to swap lenses. Keeping several spare, charged batteries and sd cards is also vital when out and about away from home: you don’t want to run out of either!

Misty Mountains Across the Bay

Misty Mountains Across the Bay

Taking an evening stroll on the beach was superb. There was hardly ever anyone else about to spoil any photo opportunities, and I made the most of it.

Mrs R wanted me to get a nice sunset picture for her, but the view behind me was stunning: to me it was vastly better and I told her so. The expanse of empty beach with a few large rocks to balance and complement the mountains in the distance combined with the special light of the Atlantic coast made for a really ethereal image.

Sunsets create a special sort of light, which varies enormously depending where you are in the world, and I learned a long time ago… Always have a look behind you!

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