Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 8

Kerry Farm, Day Eight – Saturday 21st June, 2014

This morning was strange because Luke wasn’t there, but Nanny gave me my breakfast and got me washed and dressed. I decided not to mess her about today because it was sad that we had to go home.

Thomas and his Mum, Dad and Nan came to say goodbye to us before they left. They told us that Emily had been sick so she had gone home very early while we were still in bed. That was sad.

Gandad and Nanny Sue took all our bags out to my van and put some of them inside. Then I got in and they packed lots more bags and loads of plants around me. It was like they made a wall around me! But I had enough space and could put my feet up on some pillows on top of a suitcase which was comfy.

Natalie, Kerry Farm’s manager came to say goodbye. She asked Nanny Sue if she would like to go back when she can to be a volunteer and help with the gardening and in the polytunnel. She said they all loved Nanny’s bit of the garden!

Chickens inspecting Nanny Sue's work in the garden

Chickens inspecting Nanny Sue’s work in the garden

Nanny was very happy about that and said that when Gandad goes to see old Nanny Norah, his Mum, he can bring her because he passes through a town about 5 miles away from the farm. If he does that, Nanny Sue can stay at Kerry Farm for nearly two days to help them.

Then we left Kerry Farm and Gandad drove us home. It was another nice sunny day and he didn’t drive very fast.

When we got home in the afternoon, we were all happy to be back, but still sad to have left Kerry Farm behind.

Later on, I was sitting outside talking to Gandad. He asked if I’d had a nice time on my first holiday. I gave him a big ‘thumbs-up’ and a massive grin. Gandad asked me if I missed being at Kerry Farm, and if I missed anything now we were home.

So I decided to say something…


I’ll let you work out what I said.

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 7

Kerry Farm, Day Seven – Friday 20th June 2014

Today I was a bit sad after Luke and I went to feed the animals, because Luke had to go home. I didn’t want him to go but he had to collect his twin girls from school in the afternoon because they were going to stay with him for the weekend. We all said goodbye and he drove off in Gandad’s car.

Then I went to see Deb and Tyler making a little pen so they could bring the baby chicks and their mum out of the big shed. They let me touch one of the chicks again. I don’t know if it was the same one I saw a few days ago, but it was still fluffy and tickled. But it was a bit bigger. Tyler said that baby animals grow quite fast because they soon have to look after themselves. I think they were very happy to come outside and all the other chickens came to see them too.

Me stroking the baby chicken

Me stroking the baby chicken

Nanny Sue wanted to go to see a garden that Deb and Natalie – the boss – had told her about. So after some lunch we set off in my van to go there. It wasn’t very far away, near a place called Welshpool.

A nice lady said we could go in for free, so I went in the garden with Gandad while Nanny Sue went to explore a bit on her own. There were some paths there that were too steep for my wheelchair and I don’t know if Gandad could go down them either. Even with his oxygen tank he still gets puffed out.

We had a nice time and there were lots of different coloured trees and bushes to see with lttle paths going between them. It was very hot there in the garden, but we could sit in the shade under the trees if we wanted to

When Nanny Sue found us later, Gandad and me went and waited by my van while she went to choose some plants to take home. The lady at the garden said that someone from Kerry Farm had rung them up to tell them that Nanny Sue could have a special voucher to buy some plants to say ‘thank you’ for her work in the garden at the farm. That was very kind of them and made Nanny Sue very happy.

The garden we visited was very nice

The garden we visited was very nice

We got back to Kerry Farm in time for tea. Gandad stayed in with me and Nanny went back out to finish her work in the sensory garden. Then we went out for a while to see what she had done. She had planted lots of tiny herbs and flowers which she said will grow over the paving stones and hide them a little bit. I think the people at Kerry Farm can use the herbs for making their food taste nice. That will be good for them!

When Nanny Sue finished and came back into our cottage, she started packing up all our things because we had to go home on Saturday. She said she wanted to stay there at Kerry Farm really and would be happy to live in the polytunnel. She’s funny like that.

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 6

Kerry Farm, Day Six – Thursday 19th June, 2014

As usual now, Luke and I went out early to feed the animals. It was another nice sunny day and Thomas was helping too. I wonder if the chickens and ducks think we are going to feed them every time they see us?

Gandad was talking about how he likes roast chicken and roast duck which wasn’t very nice. He thought he was being funny though. I’m glad the ducks and chickens couldn’t understand him! I think one of the cockerels didn’t like Gandad very much because it always ran at him making lots of noise. I thought that was very funny!

Thomas, Luke and me feeding the chickens

Thomas, Luke and me feeding the chickens

Then we went to the polytunnel and had a look to see how the vegetables were.They looked like they were growing ok and I knew Nanny Sue and Gandad had had fun watering the plants with the sprinklers last night. They said it was like sitting in a nice rain shower without getting wet. I liked the feel of the earth in the beds where the vegetables grow. Deb picked some little courgettes that she was going to cook for the barbecue we were going to have later.

Luke and I went to get some lunch then. I had a sandwich and a cup of tea and then went outside to sit and snooze in the garden. Nanny Sue was still working on her paving and it was starting to look very good! I think Emily and Thomas and everyone else were in the farmhouse kitchen making food for the barbecue. But Gandad wasn’t. He was having his afternoon lie-down!

Did I tell you that Luke went for a run every evening? Well, he did! Today he went running early so he could get back in time for the barbecue. He was a bit late though.

Gandad, Nanny Sue and me went out at 6 o’clock and the barbecue was just being lit by Emily’s dad. Deb and Thomas’ Mum and Nan were bringing loads of food out from the farmhouse. There was burgers, sausages, quiche, vegetables, salads, bread rolls and lots more.

Emily's dad cooking on the barbecue

Emily’s dad cooking on the barbecue

When the barbecue was hot, Emily’s dad finished cooking the sausages and burgers and we all ate loads. It was very nice. It was a bit sad that Gandad breathed some of the smoke and it hurt him so he had to go indoors. I think he was quite upset because he’d been telling me how great the barbecue would be. But all the rest of us enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Gandad did eat lots of food from the barbecue though. Nanny Sue brought plates of food back to Garden Cottage for him, and I had some more too!

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 4

Kerry Farm, Day Four – Tuesday 17th June, 2014

I got up earlier today so I could go and help to give the animals some breakfast. The ducks and chickens ran all around us. They ate seeds. Later, Gandad told me that people make bread, cakes and things like cornflakes, weetabix, porridge and other cereals out of the same sorts of seeds.

After that, we all went to the farmhouse to do some painting with Deb. I like painting best when nobody is watching me, but Luke helped me to paint some things. The grown-ups were having lots of fun and Nanny Sue painted some lovely flowers. She said she will try more painting when she goes home. I hope she does.

There was a surprise in the kitchen when we stopped for a break and to have a cup of tea. Thomas’ Mum had baked some cakes and she might have used the eggs we collected from the chickens yesterday. There was a lovely big cream sponge cake and a lemon cake. I liked the cream cake best and so did Emily. Even Gandad tasted some so it must have been good because he never eats cakes at home!

When we’d finished painting, we went back to Garden Cottage for some lunch. But I didn’t really feel very hungry!

Milk from these cows makes lovely ice cream

Milk from these cows makes lovely ice cream

Every day seemed to have lots of things to do and the best thing today was going to see another farm where we all got ice creams. There were cows there too which I liked a lot. I think cows are nice animals and the milk they make on that farm is used to make the ice cream which was very nice. It was too hot to take some back to Kerry Farm for Nanny Sue so she didn’t get any.

Guess why Nanny Sue didn’t go with us for an ice cream? She was doing things in the polytunnel again!

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 3

Kerry Farm, Day Three – Monday 16th June, 2014

I had another lie-in today! After breakfast we waited for a while to see Tyler again and then we went out to go and look at the chickens and ducks.

I liked seeing the eggs in the chickens’ house and Luke helped me do some cleaning for them. The eggs got taken in to the kitchen and I thought somebody said they will make cakes with them. The ducks are quiet. The chickens are the most noisy and the cockerels are the noisiest of them all. Gandad came and watched us and took some more pictures.

There was a big shed and in there was a mother hen and her little baby chicks living in a small cage. Robyn who works at Kerry Farm brought them out for us to see and we all stroked a chick. He said they could live outside when they got a bit older.

Me stroking a tiny chick

Me stroking a tiny chick

Then Tyler took us to see the other animals again and we took some food with us so we could feed them. I think the pigs are funny when they eat because they make lots of noise!

While I was doing this with Thomas, my new friend, and the other grown-ups, Nanny Sue had gone to the polytunnel where she was doing some work. She was digging and pulling out old plants. I think she took some lettuces and beetroot for the kitchen and we had some with our dinner later on.

In the afternoon we all went out for a walk. I had to go in my van with Luke because there wasn’t room for my wheelchair in Kerry Farm’s minibus. Thomas’ Nan came in my van too: she couldn’t get in the minibus and my van was easier for her. That was good, because she didn’t have to miss out on the walk.

I don’t know where we went but it was very nice and everybody enjoyed themselves. When we came back, Emily and her mum and dad had arrived at last.

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 5

Kerry Farm, Day Five – Wednesday 18th June, 2014

Luke took me out early again to feed the animals. It was better today because I think they had got used to my wheelchair. A lot of the ducks were swimming on the lake when we went out but they soon came running over to get their breakfast.

When we had finished that, I went and sat in the garden for a while. Nanny Sue was doing something in the garden and it wasn’t digging. She had done some washing and was hanging it on the fence around the little pond outside our cottage! Thomas’ Mum hung some out there as well. Maybe they will put a washing line somewhere one day?

Our washing hung out to dry at Kerry Farm

Our washing hung out to dry at Kerry Farm

Then it was time to get the goats and take them for a walk. I was looking forward to doing that. I wondered if it would be like when I take Woody my chocolate labrador dog walking at home?

It was great! Luke and Robyn, who works at Kerry Farm helped me and I wasn’t scared at all. The goats are bigger than Woody but not as fat. I took the brown goat for a walk and Nanny Sue took the white one with Deb. Robyn said the goats are called ‘Nanny’ goats! I think that maybe why goats are Nanny Sue’s favourite animals.

Walking the goats at Kerry Farm

Walking the goats at Kerry Farm

In the afternoon, Luke took me out in my van to somewhere called the Ridgeway. It was a path along the top of the hills and had lots of interesting things to look at and more nice views. There were hundreds of sheep there and Luke said he’d never seen so many sheep together in one place before!

Nanny Sue went for a walk somewhere else with Deb, who works at Kerry Farm. I don’t know where they went but Nanny said she had a nice time and enjoyed talking with Deb. When she came back, Nanny Sue went to do some more work on the corner of the sensory garden where she was making a paved bit in front of the wood seats.

I didn’t see Gandad so I expect he had gone to lie down again to stop his bad leg getting too fat! Nanny Sue says he always falls asleep in five minutes when he lies down.

There was a film to watch after tea, but I was a bit tired so Luke brought me back to Garden Cottage so I could lie down before I went to bed. Today had been another great day at Kerry Farm.

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Warren’s First Ever Holiday – day 2

Kerry Farm, Day Two – Sunday 15th June, 2014

At about 10 o’clock, Luke and Nanny Sue got me up and ready after a nice long lie-in. Tyler had said he was going to make us all some breakfast in the farmhouse at 11.

We didn’t wait for Gandad and went over to the farmhouse to find massive piles of bacon, eggs, sausages – my favourites – beans and toast! There was tea and coffee too. The family staying in the cottage next to ours: Thomas with his Mum and Nan, were there as well and we all ate, talked and laughed together.

Tyler who is a family coach, told us all about Kerry Farm and the things we could do during the week if we wanted. It all sounded exciting to me.

After Gandad had come in and scoffed every bit of food and coffee that was left, Nanny Sue helped Thomas’ Mum and Nan wash up the plates. Then we went back to our cottage and sat outside in the garden.

After a while, Luke asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the farm, so I gave him the ‘thumbs up’, which is how I talk.

I wanted to see the animals first so off we went to find them. They weren’t far away, just through a big gate and down a stone path. I couldn’t see the pigs very well because they were sitting at the far end of their field. The goats were very friendly though and they came over to see me. I liked it when they pushed their heads through the fence and were sniffing me. Nanny Sue said they don’t eat people, just grass and vegetables, but I did get nibbled a bit which was tickly!

Goats at Kerry Farm

Goats at Kerry Farm

There were quite a lot of sheep in their field. A lot of them were brown and looked hot in the sunshine. There was a big white sheep with a black and white face and it looked like it was the boss sheep to me. Nanny said it was called a ‘badger face’.

The sheep all had horns, a bit like the goats, but the sheeps’ horns were more curly than the goats’ horns and didn’t stick up as much. The goats were more friendly than the sheep I think.

Later on, I sat in the garden with Luke. Nanny Sue went to look for Gandad. She said he had gone to take lots of photographs around the farm for the people who own it. She wanted to make sure he was alright because he has got a very poorly leg and can’t always breathe properly

I liked sitting and watching all the chickens and ducks. They are funny things and make lots of noise. It sometimes sounds like the chickens are laughing at something. The chickens at Kerry Farm are all sorts of shapes and sizes with lots of different coloured feathers.

When Nanny Sue came back, she said Gandad was fine and he had had some of his medicine to stop his leg hurting and had gone to lie down for a while. So we went off for another walk.

This time we looked at the giant polytunnel where lots of vegetables grow. We grow vegetables in our polytunnel at school and Nanny Sue has got one as well. The polytunnel at Kerry Farm is really big, and you can eat the vegetables they grow. Some they eat raw and some they cook to have with dinner.

We walked around the lakes and spent a long time watching the funny little blue damselflies flying around the lakes. There were hundreds of them and they fly very fast. Sometimes it looks like they just stop in the air. They are lovely things and look like they will break easily.

Gandad was sitting in a chair outside the polytunnel when we walked past the other side of the lake. Nanny Sue told him about the damselflies and asked him to take a picture of one for us. Here it is…

A damselfly sitting on a leaf at Kerry Farm

A damselfly sitting on a leaf at Kerry Farm

Then we went back to our cottage and had some dinner. I lay down and watched the telly with Luke for a while before I had a wash and went to bed. I was very tired!

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