I have been taking photographs since I was a youngster, always ‘borrowing’ my mother’s camera. She didn’t mind, as she had been a photographer during WW2, when she flew in planes such as Wellington bombers, lying in a gun-turret and taking photographs of the war-ravaged landscape below her.

Some of my first ‘decent’ photographs were of some cabbages growing in our vegetable plot, which seemed natural to me, but did raise some eyebrows amongst people who saw them. Not really what they’d expected a 12-ish-year-old boy to photograph!

A photograph of a Japanese ship being bombed in WW2

A restored photograph of a Japanese ship being bombed in WW2

When I went to Art College I did a lot of photography using, if memory serves, a 35mm Canon FTb camera, and learning to process my exposed films in the darkroom, which I found genuinely exciting. I still really enjoy time in the ‘digital darkroom’… aka ‘Lightroom’ and/or occasionally, Photoshop.

So… here, I’m going to be blogging about and showcasing some of my photography: a bit of technical insight into the way I see the world, as well as about memories associated with certain images.

Of course, I’m available for commissioned work: from portraiture to advertising, family shoots or pets on location to capturing live events, to photographs of your garden or prize-winning thoroughbred. Oh, did I mention weddings?

There are more of my photographs on Flickr and most are available to buy as very high quality, professionally-printed, fine-art prints, should you feel inclined… or inspired! Just get in touch for information. I will have a ‘proper’ web-store opening soon.

I hope my musings will be of interest. If so, please spread the word!

And I do hope to hear from you soon…

Thank you.


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