Caldey Island

I’ve always wanted to go to Caldey Island, ever since I first heard of it, many years before I moved to Pembrokeshire… when I was a youngster.
But I’ve still never been there.
So why did I want to visit this island? Well, because there is a place called ‘Caldy’ on the Wirral where one of my grandmothers was born, on a farm. Like so many farms in that part of the world, it is now a fancy housing ‘development’, where some people have paid huge sums of money to live in a converted stable or maybe even a pigsty!
So what was it that I heard, all those years ago?

Caldey Island from Skrinkle Haven

Caldey Island from Skrinkle Haven

Well, I heard that one of our neighbours was on holiday in Tenby, and they’d been on a boat-trip over to Caldey Island. They’d sent us a postcard… handwritten of course.
I know the family were keen walkers, so they could well have seen this view of Caldey Island for themselves. I expect many, many thousands of other people have too.
Still, I remember that postcard and really must try and get to Caldey one day!

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