Animals Like Me – I Think…

The biggest problem when meeting a client for a ‘pet and owner’ sort of shoot [the pet could be a racehorse, tortoise or monkey!], is convincing the client that I truly, honestly don’t mind being half mauled to death, covered in hair or slobbered over by their animal friend!

In fact, the animal, of whatever size, shape or temperament, will almost always just be curious… as long as it’s not a hungry carnivore whose ‘play’ might become a little *too* serious! Who am I, what am I, that sort of thing. After all, I’ve more than likely just invaded the creature’s private domain.

At the end of the day, I’m comfortable around animals… but, and it might be even more important to you, if you’d like to arrange a photo-shoot, most animals genuinely get on with me!

'Ice', a beautiful, white Malamut - Husky cross and rescue dog

‘Ice’, a beautiful white Malamut – Husky cross and rescue dog

“I’m here to protect him!”

This was a really friendly rescue-dog: a malamut – husky cross called ‘Ice’, who really did look like a wolf, but she was lovely… as soft as melted butter!

My aim, as with all ‘Pet & Owner’ shoots was to capture something that shows a real bond between the animal and their human… and their characters of course!

She’s alert and relaxed: she’s ready to either lick someone to death or potentially rip their throat out, depending on the reaction of the hand on her hip…

a photograph of a dog called 'ice' who is

Ice is nowhere near as cold as… but she is a seriously cool dog!

Ice turns out to be the ‘lick you’ type, but as long as she knows who’s the boss, she’s great.

Who is your animal friend? Ice’s bloke took one look at my favourite shot of her and said “You’ve nailed her. How the hell did you do that?”

But then he told me she was a lot cleaner now after having had another bath!

Have a great day…

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