The Bronze Boy

When working with clients there are always moments of confusion when, for example, they ask for something that photographically-speaking, may be nearly impossible or at least very difficult to achieve.

As always, it is my aim to please the customer and get the job done to their complete satisfaction… in this case, ‘bring it to life and make him look like a real boy’!

Sadly, I don’t have any magical powers and can’t turn bronze – or anything else for that matter – into living flesh and blood!

A Petersen-cast bronze lifesize figure of a boy

A Petersen-cast bronze lifesize figure of a boy.

We couldn’t get decent images with the statue standing in front of full sunlight as the artist wanted: the glare prevented the camera capturing the various hues and colours inherent in the metal. So I suggested standing it in the bushes growing at the side of his garden. Not full sun, but more shaded and improving the ‘lifelike’ appearance I think.

A Petersen-cast bronze lifesize figure of a boy.

A Petersen-cast bronze lifesize figure of a boy.

It is massively important, vital even, for any artist or craftsperson to make sure they have the best possible photographs made of their work. This is an often neglected area of an artist’s marketing strategies. While the quality of iPhone and other ‘mobile’ cameras is always improving, they don’t necessarily show the artist’s work off as best as it can be.

Investing in professionally-shot images will almost always pay off in eventual sales. Of course, I’m always willing to discuss your requirements to see if we can work together so I can help you to show the results of your inspiration and your hard work off… to its best.

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