The A40 – A Busy Road

The A40 runs from Fishguard in north Pembrokeshire all the way to London and must be close to three hundred miles long.

The road is vital to all sorts of people… from locals and holidaymakers, to farmers and truckers, there is always someone driving through the county. Fishguard itself is the ultimate destination for those who are on their way to [and from], Ireland. When the Irish Ferry discharges its cargo of trucks, vans, cars and motorcycles, something of a convoy leaves the port and threads its way through Pembrokeshire en route to the rest of Wales, England and Europe.

Two cars side by side on the A40 as one overtakes the other

The first bit of dual carriageway for a whole five miles on the A40 gets some drivers in the competetive spirit!

Most of the A40’s route through Pembrokeshire is single-carriageway, with very few places where overtaking of slower vehicles is possible… but only if the road is clear! This has a curious effect on some drivers who, when they see a bit of dual-carriageway, seem to think they’re suddenly competing in a Formula One race and really put their foot down hard on the accelerator pedal.

However, the canny locals know that racing along the dualled sections of the A40 is a waste… of both time and fuel. There will nearly always be another slower vehicle further along the road to slow the speedsters down again. It could be a tractor, trundling along at 30 miles an hour, maybe a learner driver or just a local on their way to do some shopping. Whatever it is, I always wonder what the speedsters think when they look in their rear-view mirror and see the vehicles they’d passed in such a hurry getting closer and closer.

Sign for toilets in 2 miles on the A40 in Pembrokeshire

Drivers will be relieved to see this sign!

Visitors to Pembrokeshire, coming for the day or a longer holiday could do well to slow down before they get here. They could relax and enjoy the scenic rural views to be had on the A40… after all, holidays are supposed to be relaxing. Aren’t they?

I’ve grown attached to the A40 and will be making a project about the road, so… please check back or follow this blog to get news of new posts as they’re published!

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